Art All the Way

Words of Art

Photo Courtesy of Gaetz Photography

Art is all around us. By creating an art inspired theme, it extends to more than just the decorations on the walls but to the table as well. The Canadian Opera Company took inspiration from Salvador Dali with typewriter centerpieces, droppers of elixir and turquoise dyed dinner rolls to create an elegant, and artistic table.

Edible Art


Photo Courtesy of Meaghan at Decorated Cookie

Let your guests become the artists by providing them with an edible canvas.
Start with a basic sugar cookie recipe. Prepare royal icing and outline the cooking and let set.
Then thin the remaining icing with water until it folds back into itself when stirred. Fill in the cookies and dry over night.
Provide high-quality food decorating pens to your guests and let them enjoy doodling on their new creations!

Arts & Craft

 Photo Courtesy of Bells Beer
Craft beer is the hand in hand selection for an art themed party. Whether you serve the craft beer on it’s own or go with a beer cocktail.
We like the Kalamazoo Peach for it’s exotic sounding yet light and fresh taste.
Kalamazoo Peach: 12oz Oberon, 1.5oz peach schnapps and 3 oz. OJ.

Works for Art

Photo Courtesy of  Google

Mobile art is possible with these projection equipped bikes. Peddlers traveled throughout the event stopping every so often to project art on the wall.

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