This is the Greatest Show

Go over the Big Top with these Circus Themed Tips

Under the Big Top

Photo Courtesy of Unknown

You can put on the greatest show for your guests with a vintage circus theme. Think lush red and white draperies, twinkling lights and set pieces that evoke 19th-century glamour and nostalgia.

In this photo, look closely to see an elephant in the background. Vintage props also do well for photo ops. Use parasols, old frames, top hats and lion whips to bring your guests directly into the 3-ring circus.

Tip Courtesy of Home Decorating Ideas 

Optical Illusion

Photo Courtesy of Jenna Marie Wakani

Circus lighting generally means red hues. When you add fun house mirrors it gives an extra optical illusion. Plus, the concave and convex mirrors provide even more photo opportunities for your guests.

High Flying Acts

Photo Courtesy of Creativia

Swing from the trapeze takes on a whole new meaning than what was in Barnum’s circus acts. Now with high flying rigs, silks, aerials, and more, you can provide an entertainment like now other. This display, by Creativiva takes more than just performers through the air, but also a piano. A great show indeed!

Cotton Candy

Every circus needs some cotton candy as a nostalgic treat! This cotton candy martini is not only pretty, but delicious.
1 bag candy (pink cotton)
2 ounces vodka (chilled)
1 ounce cranberry juice (chilled)
1 ounce pineapple juice (chilled)
Fill martini glass with cotton candy.
Shake remaining ingredients over ice.
Strain into martini glasses
The cotton candy melts quickly, so present the glass filled with the cotton candy first before pouring.
It’s fun to watch the cotton candy dissolve right before your eyes.
For a non-alcoholic version omit vodka and substitute 2 ounces lemonade.

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