High Tech goes Higher

Custom Decor

Photo Courtesy of Panorama Music Festival

High tech events keep raising the bar. This interactive display changes colors based on the user response in front of a selfie powered laptop. The attendee powered color wall took programmable LED lighting inside translucent globes to create a whimsical, ever changing backdrop.

Trackable Food


Photo Courtesy of Harney Sushi

Want to give your guests something to research while they eat? Printable edible QR codes allow guests to track or learn about where their food is sourced, a popular trend. The QR codes are edible, made with water based edible ink printed on rice paper, which makes them intriguing and cause for discussion themselves.

Interactive Margaritas

 Photo Courtesy of Sean Paul Franget

For the 2017 Margarita of the Year, Patron invited guests to get involved with various margarita concoction tasting stations, and then vote through an interactive kiosk. Results display live, throughout the event. The stations also allowed guests to create video GIFs

Projection Mapping

Video Courtesy of Megavision Arts

For a purely spectacular technical installation, Megavision Arts used 3D Projection mapping to create life like and moveable images. A 30×360 food plywood wall covered in muslin fabric served as the projection surface. While this was done on a grand scale, organizers state costs and implementation are coming down, making this more likely to see at events in the future.

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