The Jet Set

Travel the World with these Travel Themed Tips

In 80 Days

Photo Courtesy of Bottle Pop Party

Make your next adventure more worldly by creating a travel theme. You’ll jet off around the world in 80 days.
This tiny tip includes taking a single color theme in vintage posters, to make a bigger impact, along with vintage suitcases and even a vintage camera.

 Tip Courtesy of B Lovely Events

Worth a Thousand Pixels

Photo Courtesy of Marriott

Showing off something travel related on screen? Make it come alive by expanding the screen up and out towards the audience.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’re a thousand pixels of images worth?
The set up included 5 additional horizontal screens up and out from the main stage, as well as vertical screens along the seating area (not shown here.)

Picture This

Photo Courtesy of Olga Pankova

Get in the picture by hiring a painter to paint live during your event. Not only can she capture an extraordinary and even other worldly events, but you have a unique one of a kind souvenir. Do something elaborate for the guests of honor, or hire more than one painter to capture memories for more than one guest.

Worth Writing Home About

Not only are the drinks picture perfect, but a great way to share travel inspiration.
These postcard attachments feature stunning destinations and can include a signature message from the host or brand.
Guests can save as a personal memento, or address and send a “Wish You Were Here” message to a loved one.

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