June in Bloom

Get fresh with fresh floral ideas this summer

Floating Floral

Photo Courtesy of Sanaz Photography


June is in bloom with these bright and full floral designs. In this setting, the plates appear to float above a bed of flowers, thanks to a dual layer table with brightly colored rose petals in between the layers.

 Tip Courtesy of Special Events

Floral Lighting

Photo Courtesy of Kristen Weaver

If you’re going through a blooming theme, incorporate floral into the existing lighting fixtures. This draping floral fixture is intermingled with twinkling lights for a beautiful effect.

Hands on Floral

Photo Courtesy of Ruffino

Want to entertain your guest through flowers, but don’t want to make flower crowns? This group here created their own drink coasters with a variety of flower petals. Guests can get creative and have something to take home to remember the event.

Italian “Floral” Dessert Cocktail

A freshly floral and fruity drink, the sgroppino mixes a lovely blend of lemon sorbet with prosecco for something delightful.
12 ounces lemon sorbet
8 ounces prosecco
2 ounces vodka
Mint leaves for garnish Scoop the sorbet into a large metal bowl. Add one-half of the Prosecco and whisk it around until the sorbet is melted into wine. Whisk in the vodka and remaining Prosecco.
Drink immediately, or pour into a jar and place in the freezer until ready to drink. Add mint leaves as a garnish.

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