Neon Revival

Neon Slink

Photo Courtesy of Tina Smothers

Brightly colored neon installations are trending. From neon signs to throwback 80’s nostalgia, brightly colored installations such as these are impossible to miss. This ceiling installation combined sparkling disco balls with bright glow in the dark neon Slinkys.

Eye Popping Marshmallow Pops


Photo Courtesy of KC Bakes

Candy and dessert are easy to transform into the neon color.
– Kraft Jet-Puffed Jumbo Marshmallows
– White Candy Melts or Vanilla Candy Coating
– Assorted Candy Toppings
– Neon Candy Dye
– Lollipop sticks
– KC Bakes Stand (or Styrofoam)
– Ziploc sandwich bags
1. Dip the tip of each lollipop stick into melted candy, then insert them into the marshmallows. Let them firm up for a few minutes before dipping the pops; this will give the pops a little bit of extra support.
2. Consider your toppings and your timeframe carefully. Marshmallow pops that are fully coated in candy can sit out for quite a few days with no problem. However, certain toppings will go stale (like cereal) or can get gooey (like Pop Rocks) if they are exposed to the air for too long.
3. For the green and yellow neon dye in this post, I used AmeriColor “Electric” Soft Gels. Unfortunately, these dyes have water in the ingredients, any type of water will make chocolate seize into a hard lump. To get around this, AmeriColor makes a product called Flo Coat, which you add to the chocolate prior to adding the dye.
4. For the pink neon dye in this post, I used Make’n Mold pink candy dye, which can be found at most local craft stores. It is oil-based, and mixes into candy beautifully. Its actually marketed as their “pastel” collection, however keep adding more dye for an intense neon-like hue.

Drink the Rainbow

Photo Courtesy of Mix That Drink
There are many ways to do brightly colored drinks, but a good neon color can come from a Skittles infusion.

One 1.75 liter bottle of vodka (I used Stoli – you don’t need the most expensive vodka, but do avoid the cheap ones)

Five 8.5 ounce flasks or bottles (you can buy these flasks at Amazon. For a Halloween party, serve these neon-colored concoctions in test tube shooter glasses.)

One 1 pound bag of Skittles

Five empty plastic water bottles

A funnel

Bowls for separating the Skittles into flavors

A measuring cup

Cheesecloth and coffee filters

Step 1: Separate Skittles into Flavors
Start by simply separating the Skittles into flavors. You want 70 of each.
Step 2: Put Skittles in bottles
Step 3: Add the vodka
Now add the 7 ounces (or whatever measurement you’re using) of vodka to each bottle.
Step 4: Shake ’em, shake ’em, shake ’em
Now your infusion bottles all have Skittles in the bottom. Give each bottle a good shake – the more, the better.
Step 5: Strain
Since I first did this one, I’ve found that the quickest and most thorough way to strain these is through: 2 layers of cheese cloth inside a coffee filter
Step 6: Chill and Serve

Photo Finish

Photo Courtesy of Foto Master

A photo you can virtually spray paint with an LED neon light is the perfect virtual cap on an evening of neon. Guests can draw on their photo booth style photos with the neon light, which can be saved as video, GIFs or flip books.

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