The Power of Flowers

Bring Flower Power to a new level with these tips.

Floral Shade

Photo Courtesy of Eric Kelley

If you’re having an outdoor event, with a tent, there’s no reason it needs to be boring. Dress up the tent with floral and patterns inside and out. This arrangement uses a floral garland and bold tapestry to offset the standard white tent look.

Big Lights – Soft Touch

Photo Courtesy of Mint Julep Productions

These big lanterns make a statement, but still provide the soft candlelit ambiance you’re looking for. Offset with a floral tapestry and twinkle lights in the background, these lanterns are perfect to finish a table end.

Growing Entertainment

Photo Courtesy of Taylor McIntyre

Entertain your guests long after they leave the party with specialty seed packs to take home. The flowers or plants grown will continue to remind them of your event.

Floral Ice

Make any drink special with a touch of floral arrangements in your ice. Select an edible flower or herb and place 1 to 2 blooms in an ice cube tray and carefully pour water over. You don’t want to crush the blooms with a faucet. Freeze and serve in drinks or a bowl arrangement.

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