Summer Send Off

Celebrate the end of summer with these fun-filled tips

Pineapple Lovin’

Photo Courtesy of Cristin Cooper

With summer seeming to be over and kids heading back to school, we thought we’d look this week at a super fun summer send off. Bright, whimsical and kid-friendly, this event brings in fun additions to the table with small inflatables, fun pineapple cups paired with real pineapples, and a lot of color.

Tiki in the City

Photo Courtesy of Scott Urban

Take tiki torches, a staple of summer parties, a step above with these beautiful Mexican pottery tiki torches. The clay pottery holds the same types of oil as a traditional tiki lamp, but offers beautiful and varied mosaic designs.

Game Days

Photo Courtesy of Hana Floral Design

Lawn games are the perfect way to entertain your guests for your end of summer blow out. But why stop at just one. As the sign indicates, you can pick and choose from your favorites such as giant Jenga, Corn Hole, Ring Toss and more.

Endless S’mores Nights

Finally, what would end of summer be without s’mores. These individual s’mores kit to give to your guests are a cute way to ensure everyone gets their fair share. Plus, the produce containers are biodegradable and can be added to the fire when empty, eliminating any waste.

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