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Ride Along
Remember when you could ride your bikes and scooters throughout the neighborhood. Celebrate old school style with this decor and fun all in one. Not just a backdrop, the bikes and scooters for back to style may just invoke days of riding through the 'hood.

Glo All Day
Day glo is back, and so it only reckons that for a back to school event, use day glo lighting. More than just a disco ball, these tables provide the bright colors and ambient lighting that doesn't only live on the dance floor.

Getting Crafty
Remember how much fun it is to deck out your notebook and school supplies?

Celebrate going back to school and back to school supplies by inviting guests to customize their school supplies. A craft table with Washi tape, markers, sticker and colored pencils bring out the crafting fun for adults and children.

Photo courtesy of Haute Media Photography & Videography

Milk and Cookies

Make an afternoon snack with these milk and cookie shots.

Keep them PG with only milk in the center.

Or make them more grown up with a milky liquor such as Rumchata.

Find out how to
make cookie shot glasses here.