All Treats and no Tricks for This Week's Tiny Tips

Pumpkin Pastels

Photo Courtesy of Style Me Pretty

For a non orange yet still Halloween inspired event, try painting pumpkins in varying shades of pastels.

These cotton candy-colored gourds fit right in with Halloween, yet offer a fun pop of color that's certainly sweet.

Layered Lanterns

Photo Courtesy of OakWood Events

Make wearable lighting part of your lighting scheme for a fashionable event. Brightly colored glow necklaces, glow sticks and even lighted glasses are part of this disco ball event. This matches in well with the purple monochromatic lighting making the guests the stand out feature.

Candy Girl

Photo Courtesy of Screaming Queens Entertainment

Go beyond the typical candy girl, and get a candy girl strolling table. Available for hire, entertainers can dress in varying themes and be more than a typical cocktail server. This pop art candy girl is popping with colorful candy wrappers, just in time for trick or treat.

A Caramel Apple, Jack

Infusing candy into liquor might just be worth the trick or treating to come.
This concoction takes Werther's hard candies and allows it to infuse a Applejack liquor, like Laird's Applejack.
How to infuse: For best results, use no more than 4 Werther's hard caramel candies. Top with 2 cups applejack, and strain after 36 hours. There will be some candied pellets still stuck to the bottom of the jar. You may want to filter through a coffee filter, if you have the patience.