Through and Through

Photo by Jessica Kowalski

Drive through events may be the next big thing in social distancing events. As long as you can secure an open space, the possibilities are endless. Guests can experience your event, see your products, and even be entertained along the way. There are options for photo ops, and even "take out" to include a dining experience. Get really fancy and have a conveyor installed so guests can sit in their car, yet not have to drive. It can be hands-free!


In your drive-through event, audio can be delivered a few different ways. You can do something similar to a drive-in movie, and broadcast on a low-frequency FM channel and simply ask your guests to turn to that station upon entering. Additionally, you could have them download an audio file that hey can keep, which allows them to listen to key points again and again. Think of it similar to the narrating devices you might use in a museum.

Photo Booths

Photo by Jessica Kowalski

Who said green screen photo booths were out during a pandemic? Why not just get the whole car and group in the shot. Set up a large enough green screen and the possibilities are endless for background images. Photos can then be delivered to recipients via text messages. Plus, you then have some exciting photos to reuse as branding later on.

No drinking and driving

Photo by Alexandra Penfold

We certainly would not suggest serving your driving guests But since we are talking drive-throughs, why not recreate a favorite drink from a drive-through restaurant. And, if it's not march, imagine your guests' surprise at the popular Shamrock Shake flavor.