Dress up these Fashionable Tips for your Next Event

High Fashion

Photo Courtesy of Rony Alwin

With fashion week wrapping up in NYC, we took the best ideas and created a fashion-forward event. This series of vignettes featured bold pattern displays and models dressed to the theme from the displays. As the models blend in with the décor, yet still stand out, it makes your decor a living, breathing activation.

Light it Up

Photo Courtesy of Special Events Staff

Make wearable lighting part of your lighting scheme for a fashionable event. Brightly colored glow necklaces, glow sticks and even lighted glasses are part of this disco ball event. This matches in well with the purple monochromatic lighting making the guests the stand out feature.

The Butterfly Effect

Photo Courtesy of Meredith Andrews

Get your guests involved in the fashion by giving them wings, almost literally. This OPI display allows guests to take the ultimate selfie with butterfly wings perched perfectly behind them. Get your guests Instagram famous with this perfect photo op.

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Hand cut ice, especially this one in the shape of a diamond, definitely adds some fashion to your drink. This Japanese bartending trend creates stunning works of art, in your class. An added bonus, the larger shape means the ice melts slower, making it ideal for a single ingredient drink on the rocks.