Celebrate all things bright this season with holiday lights and more!

Tree Lighting

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Pick

As we head into the holiday season, we look at creative ways to decorate and light an event.
While these trees look as if they are sporting thousands of lights, it's actually projection mapping of digital flowers. With projection mapping, lights can be anything you want. Think beyond traditional Christmas lights and incorporate something meaningful for your event!

Twinkle Twinkle

Photo Courtesy of Farrah Skeiky

For an event dedicated to holiday lights, this one goes over the top.
Filled with bulky stars twinkling above, a 12-foot lighted Christmas tree and the illusion of lights in the wall and bling from Beyoncé.
Even if you take the just the hanging lights from this you'll have a beautifully lit event.

Light Speed

Photo Courtesy of Suzanne Teresa

To entertain with lights, make the lights dance with the music. In this epic performance by John Williams, the Hollywood Bowl light up and danced to the sound of the famed Star Wars themed music. For the full effect, click here to watch the music and lights in action.