Looking for a fun, retro event? These Tiny Tips will make you feel like Dancin'

Mellow Yellow

Photo Courtesy of Bumble

We're going retro this week with an all yellow color scheme perfect for those nostalgic "days gone by".

This monochromatic color also uses retro lighting, wallpaper, and a beehive wall, combining a few different eras from the '50s to the '70s. It's bright and cheery look will gladly get your guests to reminisce.

Saturday Night Fever

Photo Courtesy of In the Mix Productions

Get your disco on with an LED lighted dance floor.
The updated versions, with LED lights, have the capability for more customization, so you can theme for disco days gone by, or specifically to your event.

Do the Hustle

Photo Courtesy of Emma Bailey

If you're heading back to the disco days, it only makes sense to hire a disco or 70's cover band.

While not everyone enjoys disco, consider finding a band that can do a mix of 70's hits.

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