Small Settings

Photo by Jeremy Chou

As states start to lift their stay at home orders, events will start returning. While we anticipate a new normal, some of that will include smaller events or fewer people in a larger setting. Additionally that may look like a bigger event with small sections. For decor, we like this individual and comfy seating area with plush pillows, rustic tabletops, and personalized baskets.

Sounds Like

Photo by Maya Myers Photography

We expect that large bands may play together again, but the sounds of a single violin will still be as lovely. Consider staffing your event with more than one individual performing artist strategically placed in socially distanced areas of your event. Time each one to give the others a break. Of course, adding some flair with custom masks will only enhance their overall look.

From the Ground Up

Photo by Maya Myers Photography

Stilt walkers are still the perfect way to bring in entertainment for your small event. They can stay six feet from guests and are also an additional 18 to 30 inches higher than everyone. These still walkers brought in for a prom activation also had themed masks to coordinate with their outfit.

Tending To

Photo by Sweet Mellow Chill

With safe bartending practices in place, we do still expect cocktails will be served at small events. Consider having more than one station to keep the drinks flowing and groups distant from each other.