Events that Harmonize with Differences

When Worlds Collide

Photo Courtesy of Nadine Froger Photography

You wouldn't expect to see an image of King Tut's tomb projected over the Space Shuttle Endeavour, but that's just what the California Science Center's ball did. They took two of the most iconic discoveries, King Tut and Space Travel and combined them for their 20th Anniversary Discover Ball. Considering the image looks like it was made for the Space Shuttle, this shows you can take two unrelated items and combine them for a wow synergistic event.

Networking Out

Photo Courtesy of Line 8 Photography

This networking event took working out to the next level. Bold and high energy colors, DJ hosted music, with boot camp style workouts transitioned to mingling and recovering later. Glittery colors added to the club feel throughout the event.

Can You Canoe?

Photo Courtesy of Hilton Hawaiian Village

Creating a team synergy is more than taking the team out on a boat. Have them build the boat first!
With the help of their instructor, this team shown built the canoe out of plastic and cardboard, unlikely boat building materials.
Then they test their boat building skills by taking the canoe to the water.

Freestyle Synergy

We've all seen the Coca Cola Freestyle machines, where you can choose your own flavored drink (up to 127 of them!)

Take it a step further and place "recipe" cards at each station to create unique flavor combinations. To get started, these combinations from Serious Eats could get your flavor juices flowing.

Rasparilla: Barq's and Fanta Raspberry.
Cherry Sundae: Sprite Cherry and Sprite Vanilla
"Half and Half": Diet Mr Pibb plus Minute Maid Light a lemonade-iced tea blend.
Grapevine: Fanta Grape; Sprite Grape; Grape Mello Yello. It tastes like a grape Lifesaver