Jet Set

Photo by Jenn Gaudreau

We all love and miss travel right now. But if we can gather, why not have a travel-inspired event. This beautiful travel backdrop makes use of hanging suitcases and maps giving it a more three-dimensional appeal.

Up, Up and Away 

Photo by Thomas Woolworth

If you've never seen a hot air balloon glow event, it is a spectacular sight. Inspire wanderlust through fire lit balloons that can even dance to the music.

Tray Tables Up

Photo by Tony Brown

For entertainment, this flight attendant walkway keeps your entertainment socially distanced from your guests but is still fun and interactive. The entertainers can hand out sample products, pose in fun positions, or hold signs reminding guests about safety procedures.

Book Your Flight

A flight, often a grouping of small things, is the perfect way to serve your guests for a travel theme. Whether you choose a flight of wines, a flight of beers, or even a cocktail flight, portions are small but should complement each other.