This Thanksgiving, pack your bags as we travel for fantastic tips

Under the Tuscan Sun

Photo Courtesy of Erik Bardin

Since many people travel for Thanksgiving, we thought we'd provide a travel themed tip centered around travel and food.

This beautiful table is a perfect Tuscan countryside representation with tweed and Italian wines and cheeses, set off by bold gypsy like fabrics.

Exotic Lands

Photo Courtesy of Nadia Chaudhury

This lace canopy filled with lights looks as if it belongs on an exotic island. The artist called it a Nicaraguan hammock on the beach. The bamboo poles add to the island effect and the lace canopy gives it a warm glow.

Sail Away

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Torossian

Traveling by plane, train or automobile? Nope! For entertainment consider taking your guests on a boat ride... by kayak. This motion simulator puts guests inside a kayak and let's them navigate the waters and rapids through a series of sensors that guides the kayak.

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