New Place to "Hangout"

Photo by Zoom

With meetings and events going online, we are getting to see a variety of ways our guests are using telecommuting software, such as Zoom and Google Hangouts, or virtual webinars. While you could get lost in the research finding the right platform, know they all have their pros and cons.

When you're streaming to your guests, decide if you want to control when they speak using Mute All features.

Be sure you're in a well-lit room if you're the host. Or consider using a Virtual Background like the ones available in Zoom. Regardless, be sure to get your attendees involved with some sort of ice breaker.

Home Tech

Photo by PDPW

Lighting and sounds will still play a factor in your streaming event, however, make sure the key technical component is the computer and streaming aspect. Consider hiring technical support during your event, even if it's not an in-person setup. Make sure your internet connection is secure, but have someone on hand to answer questions in case your guests need help.

Concert in Place

Photo by Kalorama Photography

We've been blessed with the amount of free entertainment since COVID-19 has hit our shores. From free concerts, book readings, drawing lessons and more, there's been no shortage of things to choose from.

Give your guests an exclusive with a local artist.

Social Drinking

Photo by Calico.dc

While we're in distancing mode, doesn't mean we can't serve cocktails. For example, Calico has created adult juice boxes.

Find a way to take your signature drink and get it delivered to your guests.

´╗┐Host a cocktail hour via Zoom or other platforms to socialize during Happy Hour.