Love me Love me

Say that you love me with a wall that is filled with love and chocolate. This Godiva inspired lounge is adorned with Godiva chocolates in the wall along with bright red rose petals. Next to it is the famous gold box that you would know and love from Godiva. This decadent room is a perfect display for Valentine's Day or any event centered on love. Who doesn't love a good box of chocolates?

Grand Gestures

Photo Courtesy of Sean Twomey

Decorate the entire venue with projection mapping or kinetic style lighting such as this one. The pink tones and swirls make this estate appear as if it's bathed in roses. Pinks and reds throughout the grounds help amplify the overall grand effect.

Love Never Dies

Photo Courtesy of Stage Entertainment

For entertainment about an undying love, consider theming to Andrew Lloyd Weber's Love Never Dies. This musical and visual masterpiece follow the Phantom of the Opera to New York's Coney Island. Pick one of the Coney Island "freak show" elaborately produced carnival scenes paired with the stunning and haunting music to wow your guests. 

Love Martini

Photo Courtesy of Noreen at Picture the Recipe

What could be better for a Love cocktail than one with strawberry hearts floating in it? This Love Martini combines the right flavors to do just that.

1/2 shot (0.75fl oz or 22ml) Malibu Rum
1/2 shot (0.75fl oz or 22ml) Peach Schnapps
1/2 shot (0.75fl oz or 22ml) Citron Vodka/Plain Vodka
3 shots (4.5fl oz or 132ml) Cranberry Juice
2 strawberries, for garnish
A wedge of lime (optional)
Sugar to rim the glass (optional)

To make strawberry hearts for the garnish cut a small "v" to remove the stem of the strawberry. Then cut it into slices.
You can rim your martini glass with sugar (if you want)- just use a lime/lemon wedge along the rim of the glass to get it wet and dip the glass in a plate with sugar.
Gently mix the Malibu Rum, Peach Schnapps, Vodka and Cranberry Juice together in a shaker (over ice if your Cranberry juice is not cold and pour it into the prepared glass.
Garnish your love martini with a couple of strawberry hearts and a strawberry on the rim! Enjoy!